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Poldark's unhappy ending

By tboullemier, Aug 7 2017 07:53AM

Whatever happened to happy endings on the telly?

Previews of the last episode of Poldark prepared us for Cap’n Ross seeing off a mini French invasion.

We obviously hoped George would be taken down a peg or two and that Morwenna would escape the clutches of her monstrous toe-sucking vicar.

Instead, our hero defends George’s grain store. He drives Demelza into the arms of the ungrateful wretch he rescued. Poor Drake has his smithy burned down and is beaten close to death. And the Frenchies never turn up at all.

It was deeply disappointing.

Producers have to leave storylines open for the next series but we’ve invested many hours watching this one and deserve a lot more satisfaction on our last Sunday night. We were left with none.

It was the same with Jamestown when every single villain was still standing at the end of the first series.

Let’s hope for a better ending in the penultimate series of Game of Thrones.

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